We make a vertical stack of fintech apps that connect investors and financial professionals.

The Company

Starburst Labs, Inc., creates, designs, develops, and operates a vertically aligned stack of separate-yet-complementary digital products that connect investing consumers, financial advisors, broker-dealers, and financial media publishers. Our B2C & B2B fintech apps reflect the growing consumerization of the financial enterprise and the increasing simplicity of the investing experience.

Our Product Stack

InvestorSay is a vertical social network for investors about investing and investments. PaperTrade.io is a simulated stock trading platform for financial brands and publishers to offer their site visitors. Wealthbase is a multimedia Q&A platform that connects financial advisors and consumers, with ease and compliance. Wealthbox CRM is modern, purpose-built CRM for financial advisors that will soon be integrated with Wealthbase.

The Team

Starburst Labs, Inc. is managed by John Rourke, CEO, and Dan Ferranti, CTO. We’re a tech team of software-as-a-service professionals with experience in fintech, CRM, and social media. Interested in joining us? We are hiring.

John Rourke


Dan Ferranti


Our Locations

New York City
594 Broadway
Suite 1004
New York City, NY 10012

86 Weybosset St.
Suite 300
Providence, RI 02903

We’re looking for passionate designers, brilliant engineers, and savvy business people. Sound like you?